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Welcome to Galenisys – pharmaceutical consultants specialising in Quality Systems, Regulatory Compliance and Project Management. We offer healthcare and biomedical consulting services to clients at both corporate and manufacturing level across Europe and the US, throughout Asia and Latin America and in emerging markets in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa.

We believe in putting you first, getting the basics right (or sometimes simply getting back to basics) and working to help you become – and stay – compliant with the latest FDA and EMA regulations.

In addition, we also offer comprehensive training to your staff and new ways of improving your business performance.

We look forward to working with you to help take your business forward by improving compliance and efficiency, implementing new production strategies and ensuring growth.

Steve Biddulph

About us

Galenisys Pharmaceutical Consultants are a team of highly skilled, qualified professionals with a wealth of experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and related industries both in Europe and North America.

We bring quality, technical and management expertise to help clients around the world achieve their business objectives and enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of their production processes within regulated environments. Working alongside us are the Galenisys Associates – experienced professionals we can call on to help us complete successful projects in all fields, from product formulation to major infrastructure and engineering projects.

Areas of Excellence

There are 5 specific areas of expertise In Galenisys consulting services where the Galenisys experts are recognised throughout the industry...

Pharmaceutical Consultants

Galenisys is a top-ranking pharmaceutical consultancy with extensive experience working with blue chip pharmaceutical manufacturers in North America and Europe...

Emerging Markets

Galenisys Consultants have practical experience in Emerging Markets. They have held positions in Industrial Operations and management of quality structures....

Business Excellence

Galenisys Business Performance brings you new insights and ways of thinking about the healthcare industry that improves the way your company works...

Galenisys Pharmaceutical Consultants - Pharma Consulting